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Data Analytics

The amount of data and information in your company is increasing every day, and you need powerful tools to help you manage it, and make sense of it all.

Data analytis and robust reporting capabilities will help you generate reports that expand your thinking, so that you can make decisions that add value to your bottom lien. 

By using analytical tools, customers can safeguard the disbursement process by recovering overpayments, preventing financial errors and improving accounts payable and related processes.

How often do you review your vendor master file for business risks and potentially fraudulent vendors?  What about examining vendor invoices to identify risk exposures and characteristics or anomalies of fraud?

Periodic reviews are helpful to implement needed controls, and a great start to a fraud and risk detection program.  But it's important to take the next step.  Using data analytics and proactive software solutions can help you take a forward-looking and proactive view, by enabling you to identify at-risk vendors early - at the beginning of the disbursement process -- so you have the ability to reduce, or eliminate the opportunity for inappropriate payments.

Image by Markus Winkler
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