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Loss Prevention Services
Prevention - Investigation - Resolution

RCS' loss prevention team provides outsourced loss prevention and fraud management services to specialty retailers and clients in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, distribution and telecommunications.  They develop and implement anti-fraud programs and controls designed to reduce invetory shrinkage, detect internal and external theft and enhance awareness among employees.  Our team has worked with internal audit, corporate security departments and chief risk officers to develop protocols to manage, respond to, and investigate allegations of wrongdoing.

Loss Prevention Assessment

Fraud Vulnerability Assessment

Inventory Shrinkage Root Cause Analysis

LP Best Practices & Systems Review

SKU Integrity

Inventory Accuracy

Identify "Paper Shrink" Issues

Map Process & Note Gaps

Current Process Mapping

Shrink Mitigation Investigation

Gap Identification

Loss Prevention Co-Sourcing

Supplement existing departments

Development/Presentation of LP Awareness Programs

High-Level Fraud Investigations

Anomlay Detection

External Investigations

Loss Prevention Outsourcing

On-call Support by our LP Professionals

POS Exception Analysis & Shrink Reduction Programs

Investigation Management

Training and Awareness Programs

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